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All the grants we've been provided have had a real impact on the lives of children and young people.

94% of young people who took part in our workshops said they felt listened to and respected.

Having someone to talk to from

outside of school made a

difference, you seemed to get how I

was feeling and didn't judge us'

[Young man attending our Maps to

Manhood programme 2020]

84% of children said they were less worried about moving to secondary school following our Smooth. Moves workshops.

‘I really like how fun and

supportive the workshop was and

how you could express your

feelings without being judged'

[Year 6 student: 2021]

98% of adults said our

creative workshops were excellent

'Tom and his team were so

enthusiastic and informative and

the artwork the children

produced was phenomenal. Thank

you both for your time and

creativity' [Head Teacher, Newick

Primary School: 2020]

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