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There are many challenges facing children and young people today. Through our projects, we aim to tackle these challenges, taking our resources and expertise wherever we feel we can make the most impact. We take on projects with the intention of finding new insights that are youth-led and solution-focused to address issues no matter how large or small, or sensitive, or controversial the issue.

Priority 1-54 - Our youth consultants 

Our Youth Consultant program is our way of putting the voice of young people at the heart of everything that we do, guiding all our projects and other commissioned youth voice activities. Our aim is to ensure young people are listened to and their experiences, ideas and feedback inform and shape the world around them.

Creative Arts and Youth Voice 

Same As It Never Was explores young people’s experiences of lockdown, community resilience and recovery post pandemic. Our aim is to work with groups of young people to address their unique experiences and issues. Youth organisations will be able to use the findings from this work to evidence user engagement and add value to future service planning, whilst supporting the wider youth planning roadmap across the South East post-pandemic.

Moving up to secondary school 

Funded by the Co-op Foundation #iwill fund, Smooth Moves is a 3- year youth-led project aimed at supporting the well-being and resilience of children as they move to secondary school.

We are delivering a programme of support with 12 schools across 3 geographical areas in the South East.

Youth voice in mental health 

The aim of our Connecting Minds project is to support a range of co-production activities with children and young people, to inform the work of Mental Health Support Teams and whole-school approaches to emotional wellbeing and mental health in East Sussex.


Key to the project is the use of inclusive and creative co-production methods to engage and amplify the voices of seldom-heard children and young people with lived experiences of mental health.

Maps to Manhood

Funded as part of the national Safer Streets agenda, Maps to Manhood is a programme of creative and challenging workshops offering a safe space for young men to explore the importance of respectful relationships, sexualised bullying and sexual harassment.


The themes covered in the programme include:

  • The 'Man Code' and what it means to be a man.

  • Sexist banter and sexualised bullying.

  • Young men as allies in challenging sexual harassment.

  • Bystander/Upstander behaviour.

Preventing violence against women and girls

Funded by Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Steps to Respect offers young women a programme of engaging workshops that explore gender norms and stereotypes, the myths surrounding sexualised bullying and sexual harassment, consent and advocacy.

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